Saturday, February 26, 2005


We have termites. Not just any termites. We have these; subterranean termites. They live under the house most of the time but then, in lemming like fashion, they all decide to swarm. So up they come through a crack in our kitvhen/living room floor and head towards a source of light. This would be our sliding glass door leasding out to the backyard.

Guess who found them? Oh yes, that would be me. I went to go outside and nearly puked when I saw that the floor was literally crawling with them. Guess who else found them? Oh yes, the baby. While I was vacuuming the termites up I discovered a wing on her lip. They do say it's a good source of protein.

Oh yeah, the wings. They fall off and then they look like big ants and there's all these wings on the ground that look like dried rice. Yum.

Fortunately we got the exterminators to come out and take care of it. They don't tent the house for these kind because it wouldn't do any good, they live undergroud. They drill these little plug things into the ground around the house and a couple right near where they were coming out. The plugs have this sterilizing stuff in them that gets on the outside of the termites who then take it back to the colony and spread it around and then they all die off.

On another note, the a/c in my car has not been working since November, but I didn't bother with getting it looked at until this week because A) I'm lazy and B) it's winter. I took in on Wednesday and they informed it will take between $900-$1900 to fix it, depending on if I want to replace it with the new model or the old model. Ouch. My car isn't even worth that much money. Soooooo....since it is still technically my parents car, they're going to take it for my brother to drive and I'm going to take over the payments on my mom's car (there's about $7000 left to pay on it) and my mom is going to get a new car.

Anyone who knows me knows that this is a very happy solution for me. I LOVE my mom's car. It's a 2002 MAzda Protege5. It's the perfect mommy car without being a soccer mom car. I figure if I'm going to sink that much into a car, it might as well be a newer one that won't keep making me sink money into it while it slowly dies on me. I would probably have spent at least that much keeping my old car running, this way I get an awesome new car out of the deal. Now I just have to be patient until my parents get my mom her new car. Patience is not my forte.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I am scrapbooking challenged

for some reason, everyone seems ot think that because I had a baby, I'm suddenly filled with this desire to make scrapbooks. At my baby shower I got two scrapbook starter kit thingys, my mom gave me more scrapbooking stuff for Christmas. Why? I have no idea. She must know that I haven't touched the stuff I got from the baby shower, why on earth would I need more????

I tried making a scrapbook once. In Jr. High. It was a disaster. I mean, pages upside-down and crooked disaster. I am missing that "crafty" gene that everyone assumes I have. I can use a hot glue gun but other wise, I am as un-crafty as they get.

My roommate in college was all sorts of crafty. At Christmas, she would get all the decorations out and tell me where to put them, all I did was hang them and make sure things were straight. Artistic? Yes. Crafty? No.

Anyone want some scrapbooking materials?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

when it rains, it pours....

Well, my parents are in the Bahams this week which means that I get to run around all week getting the baby to and from her various babysitters. Yay. On top of that, she's got pink eye and an acute middle ear infection. Double Yay. I'm also still sick. My ears are killing me, as is my throat.

Because I'm feeling so frazzled and worn out, I asked my boss if it would be ok for me to take Friday afternoon off. I don't teach any classes Friday afternoon, I just answer the phone and stuff. No problem she says. I have no complaints about my boss, seriously.

My phone rings while I'm eating my lunch today. It's my boss. Both the Saturday morning ballet teach at the city and our hip-hop teacher at the studio are informing us that they have other commiments for this coming Sat and Monday (respectively). Great. But no, it's ok we get it sorted out.

My phone rings while I'm teaching class this evening. It's our Friday afternoon hip-hop teacher at the city (different hip-hop teacher). She's asking if I can teach her classes this Friday, she's got a work thing that's come up. Great. I told her no. I'm taking my afternoon off if it kills me. There's been clean laundry sitting on my floor since Sunday because I haven't had the time or energy to fold it and put it away.

How is it that three teachers all flake on us in one week? Was there a memo that I missed? They're all great teachers and teach geat classes, but geez it's annoying to ahve them flake out on us all the time. Even more so for me since I'm the resident sub for every and all classes that need a teacher. I love the hours, but I'm burning out.

On a totally different note: if you haven't checked out my best friend's blog, teachertraveler, you should. There's pictures of hawt Ukrainian women in it.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Vegas baby!!

a good friend of mine is getting married Feb 20 in Vegas and guess who's gonna be there?!?! Oh yeah, me! YAY!!! I'm going to drive up early in the morning and drive back down after the wedding. My parents will have just gotten back from being in the Bahams for a week so I figure they can spend the day with the baby for me. I'm so excited to see my friend again and go to Vegas, I haven't been since I turned 21.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I totally ripped this off

I stole this from a friend of a friend's blog, I'm tired of being all introspective, it takes too much work

13 random things you like
01) cuddling
02) reading
03) dancing alone in an empty studio
04) thunderstorms
05) singing loudly and badly in my car
06) driving
07) fog
08) nerds
09) red
10) roast potatos
11) Molly
12) traveling
13) sitting near a source of heat, preferably a fire

12 movies
01) Princess Bride
02) The Whole Nine Yards
03) Ever After
04) Center Stage (just for the drool factor)
05) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
06) Love Actually
07) Batman Returns
08) Shrek
09) Mulan
10) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
11) Spider-man 2
12) Three to Tango

Eleven good books (I changed this one)
01) Deerskin by Robin McKinley
02) Carnage and Culture by Victor Davis Hansen
03) Spindle's End by Robin McKinley
04) Eight Cousins and A Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott
05) The Chronicles of Narnia
06) The Lord of the Rings
07) Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley
08) Towing Jehovah by James Marrow
09) Mort by Terry Pratchett (I love them all but that's my favorite)
10) Dragonwings by Ann MacAffrey
11) The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley

Ten things about you ... physically
01) blue/green eyes
02) currently red hair
03) 5'5"
04) pale skin
05) losing the baby tummy
06) shoe size 7
07) as someone once put it: "birthing hips" ;)
08) my feet are always cold
09) I can wiggle my ears
10) need my glasses or contacts to see more than three feet away

Eight favorite drinks
01) caffeine free coke
02) cherry 7up
03) hot chocolate
04) hot tea with a little milk and sugar
05) room-tempurature water
06) iced tea, no sweetener
07) margaritas
08) juice'ntea

Seven things you wear daily
01) underwear
02) ring from Israel
03) a shirt that covers my tummy
04) shoes
05) earrings from Daniel (well, almost daily)
06) a shirt
07) Molly drool/spit-up/snot

Six things that annoy you
01) when other people are late
02) moms with an agenda
03) stupid people
04) feeling sorry for myself
05) slow people
06) folding laundry

Five things you touch everyday
01) Molly
02) students
03) my computer
04) my contacts
05) my car keys

Four shows you watch
01) CSI
02) The Amazing Race
03) Without A Trace
04) Best Week Ever

Three celebrities you have a crush on
01) the lead singer of Maroon 5
02) Dominic Monaghan
03) Jonathan Togo (the new, cute guy on CSI:Miami)

Two people you have kissed ;)
01) edgeon
02) magicmarker

One letter you like
01) r