Sunday, May 30, 2004

I am floored by how people treat me nowadays. I know I complain about how fat I feel and such, but in reality, I know I'm not really that big. I can still function for the most part. True, I can't see my feet anymore, nor can I reach them, but I can still sit on the floor and get up again. But it seems that everyone thinks I need to be waited on and fed. Except my parents, they don't treat me like an invalid for which I am eternally grateful.

My family were invited over today for a braai (That's a bbq for any non-South Africans), and once again, I was treated like a china doll. Like I was going to fall apart if I stood up for more than five minutes! Seriously folks, it's a bit much sometimes.

But I shouldn't whine. Everyone is being so nice and buying me all kinds of stuff for the baby, I should just appreciate it. But it's so hard sometimes, I just want to have my old skinny body back!


I need something to do to keep myself busy this summer. I figured writing here was as good as anything else. If I wasn't so dead tired I would try and write something more entertaining. I'll have to work on that.