Saturday, October 08, 2005


so much for taking it easy this week. Of the 21 classes I regularly teach in a week, I've taught 15. Plus one class that I normally don't teach. I forced myself to use crutches everytime I leave the house all week until yesterday. I went shopping with my mom and left them in the car while we were at one store but eneded up getting them out again later. I can walk normally as long as I don't try anything fancy, like changing directions.

I love my job but it sucks sometimes working for such a small company. I'm basically "on-call" to sub any class that needs a teacher, but when I need a sub we have problems. I'm hoping that maybe this week has made my boss realize a little better just how much I am working. It's always good to be valued.

In other news:
it's been nearly a month since we've been "official" and almost two since we started pursing a relationship and life is gooooood. We've only been on one real date in that time but it was a good one. Dinner at this really nice place called Il Fornio and then we went to the ballet. We saw the National Ballet of China doing Raise the Red Lantern. It's based on the movie. It was pretty good, not great but good. They changed the ending which I wasn't a big fan of but I LOVED the way they used props. Fans, scarves, paper lanters, paper walls, mah jong tables...they were woven into the dancing so effortlessly I loved it. A lot of times when props are used in ballets they look out of place, like the choreographer thought, "oh, that'd be cool if we had a fan for this step" and then the fan gets used for nothing else. Pointless.

There was one dance where the third concubine is meeting with her lover at the theater and everyone is wearing these jackets with the extra long sleeves (I'm so in love with those, one day I'm going to use them in a dance) and as they do their pas de deux among all the people, they keep slipping themselves in and out of her jacket, flipping it right-side and inside-out. Some times he wears it, sometimes she does, sometimes both. That was probably my favorite part of the whole ballet. That and the death scene at the end when the 2nd and 3rd concubine (wives, whatever) and the lover are being excecuted, they had the corps men walk across the back of the stage with these oversized sticks, probably four or five feet long, that must have had some kind of spongey material on the ends dipped in red paint. They walked out and randomly started hitting a screen hung across the back of the stage so they looked like gashes, presumabley from some one being beaten to death. A very cool death scene.

The baby is getting bigger and bigger all the time. She likes to steal my phone and pretend to talk on it. I should have some new pics of her up sometime soon-ish. Some Disneyland pics too.

I think I've rambled on enough Au revoir!